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… do the teaching. You do. But, they sure help create a wonderful and important dialogue between you and your students. This dialogue, in turn, helps make your classroom ripe for teachable moments, which ultimately lead to understanding. Sight-Based Instruction greatly enhances the likelihood that your students will understand even the most difficult concepts; it also greatly enhances the likelihood that they will remember these concepts. The printed word is no longer saddled with the main burden of conveying the meaning behind the text message.

It’s a good thing too. Nine out of 10 people are primarily visual-spatial/auditory learners, which means that in your class of 25 students, 22 (and a half) of them learn best through the highly effective combination of sight and sound. Wouldn't it be nice to work with a delightfully personable publisher like ScratchCat who understands how to make programs that appeal to the majority of your students? We hope you think so.

And, what do we really think about reading?