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Fresh Science Units

What's that delicious aroma? Why it’s coming from ScratchCat’s kitchens!

We make each Fresh Science unit from scratch so that we can be sure you receive the highest quality. We've got several new batches of DVD-based Fresh Science baking in our oven but it'll take us just a little while to get them all finished. Thank you for your patience... we promise the wait will be worth it!

"Climate and Weather," "Plants" and "Biodiversity and Classification" are available now. Click below for more information about these three units.

Fresh Science Units
Life Science (8 units) Earth Science (8 units) Physical Science (8 units)
Plants AVAILABLE NOW!!! Climate and Weather AVAILABLE NOW!!! Electricity and Magnetism COMING SOON!
Biodiversity and Classification AVAILABLE NOW!!! Structure of Earth Sound COMING SOON!
Cell Anatomy Rocks and Minerals Light
Ecosystems Weathering and Erosion Properties and Structure of Matter
Human Body Systems I
   (Circulation and Respiration)
The Solar System and Beyond Changes in Matter
Human Body Systems II
   (Muscles, Bones, Nerves)
Water Energy Resources and Conservation
Human Body Systems III
   (Digestion, Excretion, Endocrine)
Earth’s Oceans Simple Machines
Life Cycles of Organisms Earth’s Geologic Time Motion and Forces

And, as always, we’ve made sure that each unit supports state and National Science Standards for Grades three through nine. Of course, the compelling nature of Sight-Based Instruction means that Fresh Science visuals can be used at other grade levels too.