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What Are the Grade Levels for Fresh Science?

  • We get that question a lot. And the answer is simple: it depends.

    We recognize that the grade level where a particular science topic is taught differs from state to state. Therefore, Fresh Science is built around the National Science Education Standards and, as such, the content for each unit spans a variety of grade levels.

    Indeed, the video-based nature of our methodology makes it very easy for you to teach Fresh Science wherever you need to. You can't do that very easily with a textbook, which is locked into specific readability levels. But with Fresh Science, that's not a problem. In fact, one of the great strengths of our visuals is that they can help you teach challenging science concepts without having to worry about whether your students will get lost in the words.

    We've put together the handy chart above so you can see the recommended grade range for each unit. (Grade range information is also located on each unit description page.)