Fresh Science ®

ACTIViewers™ help make active learners!

  • Fresh Science uses a very precise method of teaching to help you reach your students through the power of active visual learning. The word active is key. We think it’s important to hold students accountable for being active learners during the video-based lessons.

    Therefore, every Fresh Science lesson features our proprietary ACTIViewer™ Recording Sheets that prompt structured note-taking and that focus student / teacher interaction during the lesson. The goal is quite simple: helping to ensure that students are not passive viewers, but active participants in the learning process.

    By using ACTIViewer Recording Sheets, students will have completed, by the end of a unit, several pages of meaningful notes on the key concepts and principles covered in the lessons. These completed ACTIViewers, in turn, make great review tools and beneficial additions to a student’s personal science journal.